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What to Expect



Two types of people enter the doors to worship with Watershed Church. The first type of person has a long history of church experiences, and entering the door causes this person to wonder if worshiping in a school could ever feel like church. The bright colored walls and the long hallway of tiled floor seem so non-traditional and childish. The second type of person to enter our doors has been distant from church for so long, or has never been to church before, and curiosity brings them in to see what this gathering is all about. Walking through the hallway of a large brick building and being in a cafeteria is really no different than walking through a common public building and there is something comforting about this to them.

Both types of people soon realize that the school building is simply the shell for worship and ministry to take place and that relationships drive all that we do. Worship is the avenue by which we express praise and glory for our grace-based relationship with Jesus. Ministry is the avenue by which we encourage others, through on-going relationship, that spiritual growth and a relationship with Jesus Christ is where our identity, freedom, and salvation ultimately come.

The Worship is liturgical and the Ministry is purposeful. Our worship gatherings are times for our church body to sing praise together, pray together, and be reminded that we are sinful and God is holy. Our ministry opportunities are planned and organized based on the needs of the people in our congregation and implemented based on the gifts and passions of those God’s has equipped in our church body.

Two types of people enter the doors to worship with Watershed Church. Both types enter with an expectation to be seen and known. We long to see you and know you if you will give us the opportunity to do so.