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what is the gospel

The gospel, at its most basic level, is the story of God solving the biggest problem that we face as humans: that God is holy and righteous and we are not. Since we are sinners, God could have justly condemned all mankind. However, God, being rich in mercy, chose to send his son Jesus to save those who he has called instead of condemning them. The fact that God saves instead of condemning is why the gospel is the "good news". All those who have placed their faith in Jesus and have been united to him by the power of the Holy Spirt are: saved from their sin and justified, adopted into God's family, and become heirs to God's kingdom. We believe that this message integrates into every aspect of the believer's life. The gospel prompts us to worship, propels us into diverse relationships, and positions us in our mission as we seek to proclaim the message of the gospel in all that we do.