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our mision

 Watershed Church’s mission is based on 3 gospel interactions . . .





life and the gospel through:

Community groups

To spread the gospel through our city we have to engage the city and live within its context. Our missional communities will then look less like weekly bible studies and more like a group of believers, and non-believers, living their lives in community. Missional communities will be driven by being intentional with the gospel, by looking for opportunities to show through our lives, and share with our words, how the gospel redeems every aspect of our culture and lives.


The mission of the church is to make disciples by leading people from infancy to maturity in their walk with the Lord. This is only possible through the power of the gospel. As people begin to understand our inherent sin nature and God’s unmerited saving grace, people will begin to realize how the gospel filters into every aspect of their lives. This process, though not easy, is critical to the health and growth of the local church.

world and the gospel through:

Church Planting

Watershed Church will multiply disciples through new communities and churches. We will have our eyes and ears fixed to areas where the gospel is needed and seek to plant new works to engage culture with the gospel.

Missional Support

Watershed Church will seek to partner with other gospel centered ministries both domestic and abroad. We will financially partner with organizations and churches and actively help them in their mission of spreading the gospel throughout the world.

worship and the gospel through:

Weekly Gatherings

As we see the gospel redeem our own lives, culture, and community, our natural response is worship. We will gather weekly as one body for worship. Our gatherings will be driven by a desire to teach the whole council of scripture, as it is God’s word to us. We will design our gatherings to be stimulating for believers and understandable for those who are seeking. Our goal is to create Spirit-led and God glorifying gatherings defined by joy, reverent awe, and excellence.