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practical questions

In order to help you become more comfortable while you seek to show hospitality, we wanted to give you a few practical questions to work through when you meet someone. These questions are specifically written for welcoming someone when they come to Watershed the first time, but they can be easily altered to fit any situation. As you consider these questions, think of ways that you can make them fit your unique personality.

1) I don't know that I've meet you, my name is ________.
2) Where do you live?
3) How long have you been here?
4) What brought you to the area?
5) What do you do for a living?
6) Have you been to Watershed before, or is this your fist time?
7) Can I help you know how everything runs here on Sunday morning?

• if it's their first time, ask how they found out about Watershed. This helps us know what forms of advertising are working the best.

• ask about any children with them.

• ask if they have given us your contact information so we can keep them informed of what's going on

** it's was so good to meet you!
** make sure to always smile and make eye contact.


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