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our beliefs

Concerning God:

There is only one true God. God exists in the form of three distinct yet equal persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit which we refer to as the Trinity. These persons all share in the same nature and are due the same worship and praise.

Concerning the Father:

The Father created the universe through Jesus Christ. As creator He is sovereign over all creation. He is just in all his actions past, present, and future. As Father he has elected people for salvation before the creation of the world and provided an atoning sacrifice for their sin in the gift of His Son.

Concerning the Son:

Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of the God. He was fully human as well as fully God. Jesus was born of the virgin Mary through conception by the Holy Spirit. He attained redemption for us through his sinless life, sacrificial death and bodily resurrection. Jesus is now at the right hand of the Father where he acts as our High Priest until his return.

Concerning the Holy Spirit:

The Spirit is the member of the Trinity that convicts us of sin and regenerates the hearts of the elect and baptizes new believers into God’s family at the moment of salvation. Upon baptizing believers, the Spirit also gives spiritual gifts and empowers them to use those gifts. The Spirit leads, guides, and directs believers as they submit to His authority in their lives. Through this, the Spirit accomplishes his mission to glorify Jesus Christ. The giving of gifts serves to fulfill a part of God’s sovereign will and useful for building His church.

Concerning the Scripture:

The Scripture is the Word of God and was written by godly men under the direct guidance of the Holy Spirit. All of the books of the Old and New Testaments are equal in authority and inspiration. Since the scripture is divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit, it is without error.

Concerning Creation and Sin:

Man was originally created in the image of God. After being deceived, man voluntarily chose to disobey God’s will and as a result became separated from God. This resulted in man becoming dead in his sin and corrupt in every aspect of his life. This original sin has been passed down to subsequent generations leaving every member of the human race separated from God and unable to redeem this situation apart from the grace of God given to humans through Jesus’ life and substitutionary sacrificial death.

Concerning Salvation:

Salvation is the free gift of God offered to all people and received only through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Salvation comes only by Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ. It was Christ’s shed blood that satisfied the requirements of God’s law. There is no way outside of Jesus for people to obtain salvation. Salvation cannot be obtained through good works, baptism, or taking the Lord’s Super. Anyone who has placed their faith solely on Jesus’ atoning sacrifice on the cross is considered a Christian. All Christians are not only redeemed through Christ, but also held securely in Him forever. The Holy Spirit assures the Christians of this through His presence in their lives and by revealing this promise through scripture.

Concerning the Church:

The universal or invisible church consists of all people past, present, and future who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ. These people are members of the Church at the moment of salvation. The local church consists of believers who voluntarily meet together and submit to the spiritual leaders of that congregation. God has called all believers to be a part of a local church and has placed spiritual leaders (elders) over them to care for them. Each member is responsible for carrying out the mission of the church and keeping each other accountable as they live their daily lives.

Concerning the Sacraments:

Baptism and the Lord’s Supper were given to the body of Christ by Jesus himself during his earthly ministry. Baptism is a picture of a person coming into relationship with Jesus Christ as it reflects the work of the Holy Spirt in renewing his/her heart. The Lord’s Supper points toward the covenant between God and man through his Son Jesus Christ. Both baptism and the Lord’s Supper are reflections of God’s promise to us and show our submission to Jesus Christ.

Concerning the Future:

The Holy Spirit is now in the hearts of the believers until the time Christ returns to establish His kingdom and defeat Satan. The time of His return is not known by anyone except the Father. Upon His return, Christ will defeat Satan and establish his eternal kingdom. These who are dead in Christ will be raised and receive glorified bodies while those who are not reconciled to God will be judged for their sin and cast into hell.